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EPO Single Origin CoffeePaniagua

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A joyous union of coffee, design and cycling. The holy trinity.

The name Paniagua is derived from the Spanish Pan-y-agua, meaning bread and water. It was a phrase used to describe workers who would toil for merely bread and water. And the word came to be used by the Peleton to describe riders who rode ‘clean’ ie – “He’s riding Paniagua.” (not doping)

This new EPO is a Peaberry Arabica from Tanzania, it is a Bourbon N5 and Kent 425 mix, farmed at The Hope Project in Mbeya. The Single Origin EPO is hand crafted in Betty, a vintage 1955 cast iron Probat roaster by award winning artisans, Extract Coffee Roasters.

With tart black cherry, bitter sweet dark chocolate and hints of black tea (think Black Forest Gateaux in a cup), this potently sweet espresso is the perfect shot to prepare you for a hard ride — Paniagua, of course.

Created by Somerset-based design studio Hello, in collaboration with Bristol’s Friska food, Paniagua is a new brand at the intersection of design, food and cycling. It has been born out of a passion for cycling, and a desire to create products that the makers love, and that people on bikes will too.

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